The Hoopsalytics Team
Who we are, and why we do this.

Founder/Head Coach: Bill Dettering

Hoopsalytics was developed and conceived by Coach Bill Dettering. As a coach, Bill has always been obsessed with utilizing video and Moneyball-style stats to make his players and teams better. One day, Bill had an epiphany reading an article on HoopVision about defensive accounting, and then became inspired to build a better system to combine video and analytics in the most useful ways possible.

A year later, the first iteration of Hoopsalytics was put into play for one of Bill's teams, and the players and coaching staff realized the incredible value it provided. This was also the inspiration for the more advanced features in the system.

Coach Bill is currently the Girls Varsity Coach at Truckee High School, and is on his 12th season as a basketball coach at various levels. Bill also played at Swarthmore College, a D3 school. Hoopsalytics is a big part of the Truckee High program.

Bill is a lifelong software designer and entrepreneur, previously founding Zingtree Inc. which has raised $18.5M in total as of May, 2022. Bill has started and run six companies - all powered by data-driven decision making. (Sportsalytics is by far the coolest one.)

COO/Assistant Coach: Mike Murphy

As a 9th grade player in the basketball program, I watched my varsity team win the state championship at Holy Trinity High School in New York. Absolutely exhilarating! Then as an invitee to the Long Island Top-70 Basketball Camp under fabled Coach Bob McKillop (Stephen Curry’s future college coach at Davidson) I learned how to showcase the basketball skills I spent countless hours developing. It worked. I entered UNC-Greensboro as a varsity player and in my first two years of college, we competed and traveled extensively throughout the South, creating some of my favorite memories. As a transfer junior to Catholic University in Washington D.C., I joined a seasoned team of competitive players and great guys under legendary Coach Jack Bruen that put together one of the finest seasons in school history. As a senior we set the school's single season win streak and I was able to cap a fun career in a NY-DC doubleheader with a start against NYU at Madison Square Garden.

After college while working in NYC I was sent to San Francisco on business. When the three weeks of work concluded, I was hooked on California. I quit my job and drove cross-country to work the Bernie Bickerstaff camp in Tacoma, WA, and then on to Don Nelson's camp at the University of San Francisco. I was able to make some connections and was then hired by the Golden State Warriors to work in their media and player relations department during the team’s RUN TMC years. It was a dream come to life. I then took a ticket sales job with the Houston Rockets. We won the NBA title my first year, but I missed California and was thrilled to return to the Golden State and soon found work with 49er Head Coach Bill Walsh putting on a Coaching & Minority Hiring Seminar, among other events.

Since then I’ve coached, created and sold a sports business, wrote a sports column, started a family, coached some more, and am now delighted to be working on and off the court again with Coach Bill. We have many more wonderful basketball moments ahead and Hoopsalytics will be with us every hop, skip and jump along the way.

Coach Bill and I played basketball together in countless leagues and pickup games in San Francisco and Marin for over 20 years, gathering lots of victories and a few championships. When I had my first taste of basketball at a young age, I knew I found something I loved and I've been a hooper ever since, a committed basketball lifer. Bill is the same way - we both love the game.

Soon after we joined forces as a coaching staff, Coach Bill introduced me to Hoopsalytics. Tying stats and video and analysis together blew my basketball mind. When we implemented Hoopsalytics and I saw the player’s response and heard the parent’s reactions, I shared Coach Bill’s epiphany. Hoopsalytics has so much to offer as a teaching tool for coaches and a development tool for players, with pro-level stats and video analysis for all.

As Hoopsalytics Chief Operating Officer, I work together with Bill to share our product and demonstrate the Hoopsalytics capability, ease of use and many other attributes of our platform while providing quick response and excellent customer support. We look forward to providing coaches with the tools they need to get their teams better results.

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