The Hoopsalytics Team
Who we are, and why we do this.

Founder/Head Coach: Bill Dettering

Hoopsalytics was developed and conceived by Coach Bill Dettering. As a coach, Bill has always been obsessed with utilizing video and Moneyball-style stats to make his players and teams better. One day, Bill had an epiphany reading an article on HoopVision about defensive accounting, and then became inspired to build a better system to combine video and analytics in the most useful ways possible.

A year later, the first iteration of Hoopsalytics was put into play for one of Bill's teams, and the players and coaching staff realized the incredible value it provided. This was also the inspiration for the more advanced features in the system.

Coach Bill is currently the Girls Varsity Coach at Truckee High School, and is on his 15th season as a basketball coach at various levels. Bill also played at Swarthmore College, a D3 school. Hoopsalytics is a big part of the Truckee High program.

Bill is a lifelong software designer and entrepreneur, previously founding Zingtree Inc. which has raised $18.5M in total as of May, 2022. Bill has started and run six companies - all powered by data-driven decision making. (Sportsalytics is by far the coolest one.)

Co-Founder / Assistant Coach: Mike Murphy

I've been in love with the game of basketball since I started playing as a 7-year old. Developing from a high school and college player into a coach and basketball business co-founder is a dream come true. Doing it with my great friend and teammate Coach Bill has made it even better. Since we started working together four years ago to bring the very best stats and analytics to programs of all levels and ages, our business has grown exponentially. We now work with basketball programs on five continents, including pro teams to college and high school to AAU clubs and recreational leagues. We have talked with hundreds and hundreds of motivated coaches from all levels that are working to bring the best basketball experience to their players. That keeps us fired up, too.

We look forward to many more successful years of Hoopsalytics and growing the game of basketball through video, stats and analytics.

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