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Win More Games with Affordable Pro-Level Analytics

Games Scored by Hoopsalytics include:
  • Shots made/missed/fouled
  • Shot location for shot charts
  • Free Throws
  • Fouls
  • Rebounds (Offensive and Defensive)
  • Assists
  • Blocks
  • Steals
  • Turnovers
  • Tie-Ups (Jump Balls)
  • Lost Tie-Ups
  • Charges (Offensive Fouls) Taken
  • Substitutions and playing time
  • Markers for BLOB and SLOB action
  • Transitions and Set Offense markers
  • See some demo stats here.
All Paying Teams Get:
  • Next Level Stats
  • All Stats Linked to Video
  • Analyze Offensive and Defensive Sets
  • Shot Type Efficiency
  • Interactive Shot Charts
  • Track Shot Quality
  • Mark Shot Attributes
  • Custom Action Analytics
  • Rebounding Stats
  • Video-Linked Playbook
  • Player and Lineup Impact
  • Defensive Accounting
  • Easy Film Review Sessions
  • Video Clipping
  • Advanced Rebound Analysis
  • Custom Weighted Box Scores
  • Assist Maps
  • Game Flow Charting
  • Scout Games
  • Analyze Practices
  • Unlimited video uploads
  • Unlimited player, parent and staff access
  • Full Customization: Add your own sets, plays and actions to track
  • Shot Quality and Attributes: Add your own details to every shot taken

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