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You can dive into some real games from other teams analyzed using Hoopsalytics. Go ahead and explore, and see for yourself the insights Hoopsalytics can offer.

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St. Johns 2023-4

Follow along with St. John's as we stat and analyze all of their games during the 2023-4 season.
View St. John's Analytics

USF Dons 2021-2

This is a full 32 game season analysis of the NCAA Division 1 San Francisco Dons for the 2021-2 season.
View USF's Analytics

Kentucky 2022-3

This is an analysis of 16 games from the NCAA Division 1 University of Kentucky Men's team for the 2022-3 season.
View Kentucky's Analytics

Truckee High 2022-3

This is a full season, with many custom details, from a high school girl's team.
View High School Analytics

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