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Custom Action Tagging

Every coach has specific points of emphasis they want to tag and measure. Custom Action Tagging allows coaches to create their own tag events, add them to the game, and see the points scored or allowed from those events. All tags are linked to video clips of when the action occurred.

For example, you can track post entries or high screens on offense, or missed rotations or bad box outs on defense. Whatever you like!

One idea: Defensive focused coaches can add tags to every point scored by the opponent to create a defensive accounting report for the game.

Watch this video to learn more.

Custom Tagging Features

  • Use the Action Tags tool to see all the tags that occurred, and the points scored or allowed for that action.
  • Tags can be Offensive Actions, Defensive Fails, or Defensive Praises.
  • Tags are linked to video clips of when the action occurred.
  • Tags can be added when scoring or doing a second pass over the game.
  • You can also add tags when viewing film clips in the box score.
  • Creating new tags is easy to do on-the-fly.
  • You can use the Customize Scoring tool to edit or remove unused tags.

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