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Interactive Shot Charts

Not just a pretty picture, Hoopsalytics shot charts are a fully interactive, visual journey into where your shots come from, and how they can be successful. And opponent's charts are also great for analyzing your team's defense.

Watch this video to learn more, or keep reading below the fold.

Feature Summary

  • See locations of every made shot, miss, and fouled attempt.
  • Show shots by the entire team, opponents, or just specific players.
  • Filter by shot distance (to see who is inefficient at midrange shots).
  • Filter by shot type (i.e. runners, jumpers), and see player's percentages change.
  • Select an area of the court, and see how shot success increases or decreases.
  • See points-per-shot and percentages change according to how shots are selected.
  • Show shots taken in various offensive or defensive sets.
  • Show rebound locations from all selected shots.
  • Play video clips from selected shots.

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