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Assist Maps

Learn more about your team's assist tendencies. See which players are passing to which other players, and the locations of those assists.

For example, you can see where assisted three-point baskets are passed from. Or which players are getting assists from inside the paint.

Watch this video to learn more.

Assist Map Features

  • See a matrix of passers and scorers, and how often each combination connected for a score.
  • Click on any cell in the matrix to see video clips of the passer and scorer connecting.
  • View an Assist Chart: If you're location-tracking assists, you can see a chart of where those passes occurred.
  • See the location of assists from any player.
  • See where assists that led to three-point baskets came from.
  • See successful passes just from your set offense.
  • Highlight an area of the court (like the paint), and see which player has assists from that area.
  • View video clips of highlighted assists.

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