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Weighted Stats

To get players focused on other things beside points scored, many coaches (Kyle Smith from Washington State, for example) implement a weighted box score, where they assign values to key stats that are important, and then compute an overall score for each player after every game or practice.

For example, you can assign a value of -3 for a turnover, +1.5 for an offensive rebound, +1 for a floor dive, etc. You can pick and choose the events to include, and easily tweak the score values as the season progresses.

The weighting also takes into account the number of possessions for each player to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Weighted Stats Features

  • Produce a weighted box score after each game or practice, or for multiple games.
  • Sort on the per-possession score to create a leaderboard.
  • See which players are above or below the team average.
  • Coaches and players can see which stats factored into the overall score.
  • Every number in the box score links to video clips of those events.
  • Rotate rows and columns if you have a lot of stats that factor into the score.
  • It's easy to create your own weighting system. Pick and choose from all possible events, just events found in your games, or just events that already have weights assigned.
  • You can weigh your own custom events, like successful high screens set, missed box outs, etc.
  • Once you update the event weight scores, the box score will update instantly.

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