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Scoring Games

You can have Hoopsalytics score games for you, or do it yourself to save money and have greater consistency. Scoring games yourself is pretty straightforward - every event in the game is logged at that time in the video when it occurred, and can be assigned a player, a location, as well as different attributes.

For example, a three point make can be categorized as an uncontested catch-and-shoot, with a shot quality score of 7. The amount of detail present is totally customizable, and Hoopsalytics lets you choose from various stock scoring interfaces to get started.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Scoring Features

  • Pick a scoring profile to get started.
  • Once you've entered game details to start a game, the scoring interface appears.
  • Every event and player can have an associated hotkey for faster scoring.
  • For individual events (like shots or rebounds), pick the event, then the player.
  • You can jump ahead or back in the video using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, or via the keyboard.
  • You can add details to events. Example: Add shot types (like jump shot) and attributes (like contested) to every shot.
  • Shots can also be saved with a quality score.
  • You can also log offensive team events (like inbounds plays or set offenses).
  • Defensive sets (man, zone, etc.) can be added as well.
  • Create film clips (with comments) on the fly.
  • Some event types are categorized automatically after you've finished scoring. For example, Transitions are categorized as "from turnover" or "from rebound".
  • Be sure to click "Stop Action" when the whistle blows, and "Start Action" when live play resumes.
  • For substitutions during dead balls, pick a single player, or select which five players are on the floor. Hoopsalytics adds events for new players in and out.
  • If you make a mistake, you can click on the event in the timeline and change it.
  • Mark Garbage Time to exclude stats after that point as an option.

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