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Player Impact - Find Your Most Effective Team Players

Basketball is a team game, so how do you tell which players have the most impact on the entire team when they are on the floor?

See how Player Impact reporting can show you which player, pair, or group of three most affects your favorite stats for their group of five.

Feature Summary

The Player Impact tool shows you which individuals or combinations of players excel in different analytical areas. With this tool, you can:

  • See how individuals affect team stats in various categories.
  • Click on any column header to sort by that stat's value.
  • Easily hide combinations with minimal playing time.
  • Discover player pairs that make the biggest impact.
  • You can also analyze all groups of three players.
  • Click on "Exclude Garbage Time" to get better data from important minutes.
The following analytics are available for Player Impact:

Abbreviation Description
EFG% Effective Field Goal Pct.
2Pt% 2 Pt. Shot Pct.
3Pt% 3 Pt. Shot Pct.
TS% TrueShooting Percentage
FTF Free Throw Factor
A/TO Assist to Turnover Radio
TO% Turnover Pct.
OReb% Offensive Rebounding Pct.
DReb% Defensive Rebounding Pct.
Reb% Total Rebounding Pct.
+/- Plus / Minus, normalized per game
Off. PPP Offensive Points per Possession
Def. PPP fensive Points per Possession
Net PPP Net Points per Possession
VPS Value Point System score

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