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Rebounding Analysis

The Hoopsalytics Rebound Analysis tool is a great way to get insight into your team's and your opponent's rebounding capabilities and tendencies. Rebounds go to different places depending upon the type of shot, as well as the level of play. With Rebounding Analysis, you can help position players to get more rebounds, and see what type of shots are more likely to be more challenging to rebound.

One example: We've found at lower levels of play that free throw rebounds tend to go left at a higher rate (see this blog article for details).

Watch this video to learn more.

Season Rebounding Chart

Here's a chart of over 1500 rebounds from a full season of Varsity High School Basketball

Rebounding Analysis Features

  • See percentages for offensive and defensive rebounds for you and your opponents, for free throws, 2 point shots, and 3 point shots.
  • See where the most rebounds occur for various shot types.
  • See where the most offensive rebounds occur.
  • See the location of rebounds secured by each player.
  • You can also get more rebounding insights from the Interactive Shot Chart.

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