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Feature Summary

  • Click on a stat to view video clips of those events.
  • Click on any column header to sort by that stat.
  • View stats for just certain parts of the game (i.e. just 4th quarter).
  • Exclude garbage time in stats
  • Exclude players, and see how team and individual stats change.
  • See Player or Lineup stats.
  • Get details on many stats - like shot types, turnover types, etc.
  • Adjust stats based upon playing time to see how each player would have performed over a full game.
  • Create custom views with just the stats you want to see.

Available Stats

The following event types and stats are available, but some may not appear if your scorer has not tracked them.

Abbreviation Description
2Pt Made 2 Pt. Shot
2Pt A 2 Pt. Shot Attempts
2Pt Fouled Fouled on 2 Pt. Shot
2Pt miss Missed 2 Pt. Shot
2Pt/A 2 Pt Makes / Attempts
2Pt% 2 Pt Shot Pct.
3Pt Made 3 Pt. Shot
3Pt A 3 Pt. Shot Attempts
3Pt Fouled Fouled on 3 Pt. Shot
3Pt miss Missed 3 Pt. Shot
3Pt/A 3 Pt Makes / Attempts
3Pt% 3 Pt. Shot Pct.
A/TO Assist to Turnover ratio
And 1 And 1
Ast Assist
Blk Block Shot
Chrg Take Charge
Cut Cut
Def Foul Defensive Foul
Def. Poss. Defensive Possessions
Def. PPP Points Allowed per Defensive Possession
Deflect Deflections
Def. Fail Tag Defensive Fail Tags
Def. Praise Tags Defensive Praise Tags
DReb Defensive Rebound
Drib Dribble
EFG% Effective FG Pct.
Fouled Foul Drawn
Fouls Fouls Committed
FT Made Free Throw
FT A Free Throws Attempted
FT miss Missed Free Throw
FT Trips Free Throw Line Trips
FT/A Free Throw Makes / Attempts
FT% Free Throw Pct.
FTF Free Throw Factor
FTO Forced Turnover
Games Games Played
Lost Tie Up Lost Tie Up
MPG Minutes Played per Game
Net PPP Net Points Per Possession
Off. Action Tags Offensive Action Tags
Off Foul Offensive Foul
Off. Poss. Offensive Possessions
Off. PPP Points per Offensive Possession
Opps. Scoring Opportunities
OReb Offensive Rebound
Pass Pass
PPG Pts. Per Game
Pts. Points
Reb Rebounds
Reb% Rebound Pct.
Shots Shots
Stl Steal
Team Pts. Team Points
Team Pts. Allowed Team Points Allowed
Tech Foul Technical Foul
Tie Up Tie Up (Forced Jump Ball)
Time Time
TO Turnover
TO% Turnover Pct.
TS% True Shooting Pct.
Usage % Usage Rate
VPS Value Points (VPS)
+/- Plus Minus (+/-)

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