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Starting a Game and Uploading Game Videos

In order to create video-linked stats and deep analytics, you'll need to give Hoopsalytics access to your game film. This can be done by uploading to a Hoopsalytics server, uploading to YouTube and sharing the video URL with Hoopsalytics, or supplying a link to the game video if it resides somewhere accessible on the web.

Watch this short video to learn more.

New Game and Video Upload Concepts

  • Use Hoopsalytics to scout two outside teams, or analyze your own games.
  • You can also analyze and mark up practices.
  • You can pick the teams from those entered previously, or add a new team on the fly.
  • Specify the Jersey color for each team to make it easier to score and minimize mistakes.
  • Classify games as pre-season, league, division, tournament or playoffs - this makes it easier to segment multiple game stats by game type.
  • Decide if you will score this game yourself, or have Hoopsalytics score it for you (requires subscription with scoring option).
  • Pick a Video Source: Upload to Hoopsalytics, use a YouTube URL, or use a publicly accessible URL for an MP4 file.
  • Optimized videos will render better on smaller screens like phones or tablets. Raw video files will upload faster, and are better suited for laptops or desktops.
  • Game videos must be a single file, in MP4 or MOV format.

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