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Coaching Stats

Do you know which offensive plays and sets are working best for your team? Is your zone or man-to-man defense performing better?

By using Hoopsalytics' Coaching Stats, you can get a clear picture of the effectiveness of all of your schemes - both offense and defense.

Watch this short video to see how you can get accurate data on each and every set, play and scheme that you run.

Feature Summary

  • Pick and choose games to analyze.
  • See which Offensive sets are working best.
  • Analyze pace: Is your team better in transition, or in a set offense?
  • See which inbounds plays are productive - and which ones aren't.
  • Determine the effect of ball pressure: How effective is your press? And how effective are you against an opponent's press?
  • Learn which defense creates more turnovers. And which one allows more offensive rebounds.
  • Discover what schemes work best in the 4th quarter of close games.
  • Use the "eye test" to verify your theories: Watch video clips of every outcome.

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