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Integrated Playbook

The Hoopsalytics Playbook tool helps you organize your plays, actions, moves and drills. And best of all, you can link entries in your Playbook to live examples from your game videos!

Every entry can be categorized multiple ways for easy retrieval. You can include text, diagrams and video clips too.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Playbook Features

  • Find entries quickly when you categorize and tag different plays, actions, moves and drills.
  • Include text, images and videos in each entry.
  • Playbooks can include clips from your games for real-life examples.
  • Easily create new playbook entries.
  • Assign entries to various teams. (Your JV team may have a subset of the Varsity playbook, for example.)
  • You can copy playbook entries to other Hoopsalytics accounts you have access to.
  • From the Hoopsalytics Film Clips, you can add in-game examples to your playbook.
  • Players and coaches also have access to the playbook for their assigned teams.

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