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Player and Parent Access

Giving players and parents convenient access to video-linked stats, analytics and film clips is a terrific way for your team to become basketball-smart quickly. Hoopsalytics makes it easy to grant certain people access to your game data and playbook. You can also track which players are the most engaged, too.

Your people can get access from a phone, tablet, or desktop PC, as long as there's internet connectivity.

Watch this short video to learn more.


  • Create unique logins for each coach, parent and player.
  • Assign people to one or more teams.
  • Player accounts easily migrate from season-to-season.
  • For greater convenience, passwords are optional for non-admin roles.
  • Access can be from any internet connected device, including phones.
  • Players and parents see video-linked stats, as well as clips made by the coaches.
  • Players also get access to the team Playbook.
  • You can measure how engaged your players, parents and coaches are.

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